Be simple.

Being simple in your shot is a great thing to grow up your photographic skill. Following the basic fundamentals of photography rules such as the Rule of Thirds or the Golden principles of photography isn’t what makes a photograph great. Today what I’ll be talking about is how you could actually get the best shot.

Be simple, rather it be in your shot or its be in your creativity because being simple in these genre is quite the most difficult work to be done. Naturally the human mind is introduced to think deep and creatively in any topic that the mind wants to. So its rather hard to think less. Equally does it with photography.

Capturing what you desire for is just a hunt and a need of your own mental satisfaction but the secret lies beneath where it says capture the one that the world wants to see. though it’s very true that the photograph or the capture of the scene done is entirely a creation of your own mind and it represents your thought and does not care about what other’s say, thus here do stand a chance of argument of capturing what you want or what the world wants. Well the answer should always be here as the best may be the one among all but do represent the second best to all. It releases the pressure for the thought of giving the world your best.

Be simple and do the best.



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