dil aj kal camera…

Every time when there’s a camera in my hand, It feels that the unbelievable power of life is their with me…. the life comes of a thrill of earning the essence of adventure and mysteries in life…. clicks and captures may not influence others to like you or even make others feel bored of you, but the effort works only with you. never make a capture for any relation, make it by a relation, not of the society or friends or even the one you admire the most, make it for the soul that you feel it in. Feel the picture dil se, never try to follow guidelines, it will always bind you in the boundaries corrections, learn them to break them, because winners and creators creates rule they are not made to follow. The life or the vision in every frame we capture does make a complete of sense of attraction in you, never let that die on any others word, because following or taking others in command will make you confused and hence the doors of creativity shall be knocked down to the slowly and permanently..

every time You take the camera, feel the camera, feel the capture, feel the creation, feel the dil aaj kal camera…


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