Kettle of Energy
Kettle of Energy..

The caption seems the synonym of the image.. This picture took a special place in my heart.It was captured in the villages of Nodia, Mayapur. My group started a full night photo_walk from the streets of Nodia, whole night down it was a good experience of walking on the streets of the village but for for photography the lights of morning sun was the bless,.. we captured many rays of sun_lights,which seems to bless the sweet green organics of earth. we finally got tired and our group feet called for a fresh morning rest. our decision finally took place when we saw the tea shop…. we asked for village’s special essence of tea… and guess what…. we were the first customers  of the shop and yet no tea was still made till that time …. and the first kettle was put on the pure heat for us….. and that special kettle took place in camera and and in my heart…. The full team inhaled a fresh fragrance of  relaxation and bit credit of Energy…. That made this capture Special.

 Comparing To Real Life

“Small thing sometimes gives a very strong impression in your life, so don’t ignore anything small….Bcoz, every small makes it large….”


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